Collector’s Edition

Bugeisha, the World's favorite Traditional Martial Arts Magazine is Back!

During its 2 year existence (1996-1998) Bugeisha covered the classic arts of Okinawa and Japan like no other magazine of its time. It broke new ground and provided a breath of fresh air to a Martial Arts market saturated with commercialism and trivia. It became an immediate Classic. Its fresh Approach and coverage of the traditional martial arts made it the cult publication it is today.

Now you can enjoy all of Bugeisha in this Collector’s Edition.  All 6 issues plus a bonus never before published issue number 7.  This little magazine became a Giant and still inspires and educates martial artists today.

Bonus! Never before published issue #7 included in this collector's volume.

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Over 450 Pages $49.95

Over 450 pages!

All 6 original issues are conveniently packaged in this massive volume but that is not all.



Finally Bugeisha’s issue number 7
is printed and included in this collector’s edition giving you the complete run of Bugeisha legacy issues.

The Complete Bugeisha Collector’s Edition.

Empty hand and weapons fighting arts

Bugeisha focuses on empty hand and weapons fighting arts of Okinawa, China, and Japan, covering subject like technique, history & training.
The subject matter for dedicated traditional martial artists.